ООО ПМТС «Спецснаб»

 ООО ПМТС «Спецснаб» in 2004, mastered the production of polypropylene fibers to disperse the reinforcement of concrete and mortar. The first in the CIS, we offer a wide range of fibers for various types of solutions and mixtures.


Since 2005, our customers are the largest manufacturers of batteries "VESTA", "ISTA", "РУССКИЕ АККУМУЛЯТОРЫ". Fibres "DIFLON-ELEKTRO" overcome the serious competition from manufacturers in Japan, Hungary, India and other countries.


In 2009, our company has proposed a new type of fiber for the construction of concrete floors and screeds - "POLIARM". This rigid polymer fiber, replacement of metal fiber. "POLIARM" has a number of indisputable advantages in comparison with metal fibers.

Polypropylene fiber

iso 9001Commerce & Industry Group "Стандарт" (parent company ООО ПМТС "Спецснаб") is the only manufacturer in Ukraine of polypropylene fibers for reinforcement of the bulk mortar.

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Декларация качества продукции

Декларация качества продукции




polymer sinuous
(Curved Polymer Fiber)




polypropylene multifilament

Polypropylene Fiber specially designed for more effective prevention of the formation of cracks in the concrete shrinkage.

Polypropylene Fiber improves the strength characteristics and surface quality of concrete compactibility under vibration, svyazyvaemost and cohesive. Increased resistance to freeze / thaw cycles, the impact antiobledenyayuschih salts, penetration of water and chemicals. Fiber is also used in mixtures razed and construction solutions to increase the strength in bending and tension and reducing the risk of delamination. Fiber is an economical and quality alternative to steel mesh controls the formation of cracks.

The main advantages of polypropylene fibers:

1. Reduces microplastic shrinkage and cracking during the curing of concrete:

2. Stability of concrete to freeze / thaw:

3. Impact resistance of concrete:

4. Stability of concrete to abrasion:

5. Fire resistance of concrete:

6. Increased resistance to penetration of water and chemicals:

7. Fiber - an economical alternative to steel mesh:



Scope fibers:

  • Industrial flooring;
  • Concrete slabs, pipes, blocks, etc.;
  • Plastering;
  • Various tie;
  • Shotcrete mixes,
  • Production of piles;
  • Concrete pavements;
  • Sea defenses;
  • Railings and paving tiles;
  • Building solutions;
  • Decorative printed concrete;
  • Stamped concrete;

    Specifications fibers:

    • Linear density: 2,0 dtex
    • Diameter: 18 mm
    • Length: depending on the application
    • Material: 100% polypropylene primary
    • Weight: 0,91 t / m 3
    • Young's modulus: 3500 N/mm2
    • Tensile strength: 350 N/mm2
    • Softening temperature: 145 ° C
    • Color: transparent white
    • Recommended consumption: 900 g/m3 concrete
    • Number of fibers: 375 million sht./m3 concrete
    • Chemical stability of acids, alkalis, solvents: complete all
    • Package: the choice



      Compared with traditional screeds, screed floor with fiberglass (fiber polypropylene), is the best alternative to screed with metal fiber is, both economically and technologically.

      As the result of small weight and small loads on concrete structures, high specification fiberglass, low financial expenses due to the smaller number of fiberglass is added to the 1m.kub. concrete structures, polymeric fiberglass at the moment is the best substitute for the reinforcement of concrete, metal fiber.

      Commercial and Industrial Group "Стандарт" (parent company ООО ПМТС "Спецснаб") is the only manufacturer in Ukraine polypropylene fibers for reinforcement of the bulk mortar


      We operate all over Ukraine - Dnepropetrovsk, Kiev, Vinnitsa, Lutsk, Donetsk, Zhitomir, Uzhgorod, Kiev, Ivano-Frankivsk, Kirovohrad, Crimea, Sevastopol, Simferopol, Lugansk, Lvov, Nikolaev, Odessa, Poltava, Rivne, Sumy, Ternopil, Kharkiv , Kherson, Khmelnytsky, Cherkasy, Chernihiv, Chernivtsi.